Tuesday, December 29, 2009

white christmas

It has been years since we had a white christmas (Roger says it's been more than 10 years, usually we get ice). This year we got a white powdery one and I'm loving it! It started to fall on the 24th and by the 25th it was a winter wonderland. This is L's first christmas so it's even more memorable.

View obscured by the snow on the windows, when I lived in Southern California we used to spray that fake snow to make it look like this.

Our christmas tree with the gifts we are giving. The tree is not crooked, the angel is. The boys need to get credit they decorated the tree this year. I did the bubble lights and garland. The bottom ribbon is messed up L pulled some of it out.

This year I was going to make stockings for all of us but I ran out of time and just barely finished the boy's stockings. Still working on the other four and maybe I can get them done in time to put the christmas stuff up...we will see.

Boys excited about opening presents Christmas morning, L didn't much care except for a piece of paper she found and watched tv most of the time. Remy making one of his goofy faces, can't seem to get a good shot without him doing that!! haha!

More gifts!

Ram holding L and she holding her giraffe, which she still has not played with!

Boys sledding

Roger helping pull it back up the hill. I got to ride it a couple of times but I had the camera...haha! Not sure how much snow we got but I think it's more than the 2-6 inches predicted!

L stayed in the car, the wind made it feel colder.

Still playing outside in the snow, Ram making tracks.

Rem running in the front yard.

Some of the snacks we had after Christmas. Cheddar and black peppercorn popcorn and pickled olives. The blue glass dishes are gifts from my sister and mother in law...lucky me, I got a place setting for 12!!!

Mints, chocolate and nuts.

Yummy cheese spread and water crackers.

More snacks, none of these snacks were made by yours truly they all came out of boxes.
Wishing everyone a prosperous New Year in 2010!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A quick post with some artwork from the boys.

Rem does 8-box artwork at school every week. His interpretation and detail amazes me! Just look at the detail he did for some of his words, like the cow flying through the air in the tornado block,...haha! Looks like a Holstein. The tail of the airplane picture in the art museum art block (he just informed me that its a FedEx 727), the death star in the star block and the space station for the dark block (in the bottom right). I did close ups of them so maybe you can find more objects, an I spy post.

Ram drew a turkey for me tracing his hand. I was sewing and he planted himself next to me and decided I needed a picture of a turkey. He actually got in my way but he didn't stop until he was done. It turned out pretty good. Which is a reminder that Thanksgiving is next week....uhhh! too quick!

We are starting to get busy with the holidays, behind is more realistic, but it all works out in the end. I have been sewing quite a bit, actually a lot. Some of the projects are turning out pretty decent so I keep going. The house has been neglected so now I have to stop and clean...of course tomorrow, I'll just start tomorrow...hehe. I'll try and post pictures of some of my completed projects.

In case I don't post before Thanksgiving, hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoying a great dinner or lunch like we do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

8-box artwork

star block - star and death star

clear block - clear path and clear skies

tornado block - cow flying in the sky

dark block - space station and x-wing fighter

art block - FedEx 727 painting

Yes we love airlplanes!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

say cheese!

Just had to share this picture with everyone. Ram took it of L on Halloween and it turned out pretty cute.

Just a note:

Seven weeks if you count what is left of this week until Christmas!! I'm stressing already just thinking about it. Just wanted to let everyone know, I don't want to be stressing all alone...haha! Lets get into the holiday spirit and spread some joy! Our local radio station KBEZ is playing Christmas songs all the time. (I thought it started after Thanksgiving but they started playing around Halloween.)

Fa la la la la!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween was hectic since I was sick for almost 2 weeks with the flu. Everything got done on Saturday, finished costumes, went to the pumpking patch and picked out pumpkins, went trick-or-treating and then carved pumpkins. Finally got caught up (somewhat) so here is our day.

Captain Remy and Caveman Ram

Bumble bee L

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Story Book Portraits

Busy Bee Lifestyle is having a giveway, check out the website they create story book illustrations out of ordinary pictures. I entered!!

Win a $225 Gift Certificate to Story Book Portraits!

Update: contest has ended

Enter to Win! Enter to win a gift certificate valued at $225 towards a beautiful piece of art work from Story Book Portraits! This unique art creation will feature your own one-of-a-kind Story Book Scene with your child or family as the characters! An original work of art, your painting will be hand rendered especially for you by professional illustrator and designer, Katrina Jones Baden, using your photos for reference. Along with your “main character,” you can incorporate any special personal details and elements you wish into the picture for a very personal heirloom keepsake!

Enter at Busy Bee Lifestyle

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Some of the artwork the boys have done at school.

I'm so impressed with the detail Remy puts into his work, nuclear explosion and the shadow on the criminal escaping from prison...haha.

pictures he drew for each word assigned

This is Ram's work from school, it got cut off but it was an assignment on apples and he drew an airplane...haha! they do love those airplanes...maybe they were hauling apples???

ValueJet airline, normally it's American Airlines...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

National Dog Week

This is National Dog Week! I know most of my friends and family have dogs so I am spreading the word to all dog lovers.
Fred, my 12 year old yellow Lab is spoiled, he also happens to be my shadow, foot warmer, guard dog and companion...hehe!
I first found out about National Dog Week from one of my favorite places to buy fabric, they have a blog which they are doing a segment on National Dog Week (check it out because we got mentioned! Fred and I got a dedication!) and to get into the spirit of things I am making a dog bed for Fred.
I'll have an update later...

The spoiled pooch on the couch.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Three Stones by Kyu Baik Hwang

I got this neat painting at an art sale they had at work, it is done in mezzotint (I had to look that up online) by a Korean artist Kyu Baik Hwang. It is growing on me even more and I'm loving it! This is my second painting from an artist...wooo hooo! I got a collection...hehe! The painting is called "Three Stones". The reason why I sound so knowledgeable is because I was lucky it had a label on the back which was added when it was purchased by the company. Originally the wood grain in the middle stones attracted me and of course the stones. (Yes, I have a thing for wood grain, one of my favorite blogs is dedicated to faux bois, fake wood) I've got a history with stones for some reason people tend to give me rocks, stones, boulders, pictures of rocks...haha. I, of course accept gratefully because for some reason I enjoy getting them. Over time I have lost or misplaced some but I still have some of them. So when I saw this I knew it was fate. I have three kids and the youngest is a girl, the last stone has water-lilies, lotus? So with the feminine and two masculine stones I bonded...haha! My friend Janet was wondering what the match meant on the first stone...??? No idea...anyone? anyone? Bueller? I've tried looking on line and have not had any luck finding anything about it. I did find a biography on Hwang and it seems he may still be alive. How cool would it be if I could ask him what the meaning of the painting is. So for now I'm enjoying it. It is not hung in it's permanent home yet, but in the hallway a little over from my little artists' artwork.
So guys whatever your collection is as long as you love it, display it proudly!
If you guys have any ideas or suggestions about the painting's meaning let me know.

Janet's Birthday

Quick update on my camera search...
Still have not found my camera but life has been so hectic that I really have not had a chance to, but this weekend...I have to find it! I'm on a mission...hehehe!

My good friend Janet's birthday is tomorrow...

Happy Birthday Janet!

I made her a neck wrap, at least that's what I'm calling it. I love making them they are so easy and people love them, plus they make you feel good. I have seen them alot on the internet made with all kinds of material I made mine out of Amy Butler fabric Temple Garland Sky, have I mentioned how much I love her fabric? no? hehe! I filled it with rice and flax seed. Not sure how much the flax seed helps I've seen them made with only flax seed and some with only rice so I mixed both.

Janet was nice enought to take a picture of it and send it to me because I have no camera right now. If I have not thanked you, "Thanks!"

Have a great birthday weekend, Janet!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We got this bag from Remy's school when he got sent home sick, Monday. It's perfect! Describes how our house has been for the past couple of days. It started Saturday with Ramsey, I think even Fred was sick. So we are all on the road to recovery a few sore throats, achey bodies and coughs. Roger has cleaned the carpet no more puke smell! Woopie!!!! He was the only one who was not sick but took care of all of us. Which I feel bad becuause he was the puke-picker-upper. Now it's just the Lysol smell...haha! I don't think we got the flu but it was some kind of stomach virus. Just wanted to let everyone know we are doing better. By the way Luna puked and she only has a cough now.
Hope everyone is healthy and well!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I got this pattern because the stroller cover looked so cute, not sure what fabric I will use to make it, but I did make a bib for L, it was really easy, I used a snap. I think it turned out really cute! Plan to make her more of them, the stroller cover and the diaper holder.
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knit socks by October???

Maybe this is too ambitious...I'm knitting a pair of socks the pattern looked so cool and easy I had to give knitting another try. I had recently purchased "itty-bitty nursery" by Susan B. Anderson because it had instructions on how to knit and I liked the projects. I found it hard to follow, apparently I'm a visual person when it comes to knitting and crotcheting. I decided to give knitting up and just stick to crocheting.
Then I saw this free pattern at Hobby Lobby (actually I had seen it several times because I go there quit a bit) it looked like the same stitch...easy right? (thank goodness sometimes I am too naive and that works for me). I could see me making these socks...I read how much yarn I needed bought it (actually 2 balls even though you only see one in the picture) went home all excited...until I actually started to read the instructions...first, my mom never taught me what the stitches were called she just said do this, I believe I was a teenager at the time...second, she taught me in Spanish and if she did say what it all was called I don't remember. I found a great tutorial on YouTube (there are a total of 4 to complete the socks) and I started to knit! Watch out!!! I love it.
I actually learned different ways to start (cast on...hehe), knit and purl. I still have not figured out which one works best for me, but I'm using the YouTube one for now.
My goal is to get the pair done by the end of October...reasonable? We shall see. Wish me luck and I just might knit socks for Christmas presents next year...maybe...hehe!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday!

I will be posting on things that I have not had a chance to because I can't find my camera. Laid it down somewhere and remember thinking "I need to remember I laid it down here or I won't find it". It's so little I can't find it...ugh!
Finally getting around to posting pictures from Remington's 8th Birthday Party. His theme? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! of course! He picked out his theme and cake, very decisive child of mine. He is also sporting his new t-shirt I made with an appliqued 8 and the extra fabric I used had anchors on it...how perfect was that! He loved his pinata, luckily it was like the one he had seen on an episode of Pinguins of Madagascar. They were sold out of his first choice the pirate ship, but he was happy with the burro. So out came the hockey stick and golf club and we were ready to beat the pinata! I almost didn't get candy, they really have not had one or have been to a party that had a pinata so I thought they wouldn't notice and the fun would be beating on it. Well...right before I took it outside I got instructions of what the pinata was to have...candy! It did. Almost messed that up.
Just so everyone knows sometimes my kids can be a little different when it comes to stuff they want, it's good though because it's mostly inexpensive stuff. One year Remy was into water sprinklers...Anyways Remy got season 1 and 2 of Spongebob Squarepants and he also got lots of tape and paper...hehehe! Reams of it! Those boys love to draw and make stuff so the gifts were perfect!!!

the cake!

the birthday shirt!

Remington taking a swing with the hockey stick...he looks so little...sniff sniff! (getting teary-eyed)

Ramsey and the golf club, I think he was peaking!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new baby gadget

We bought L a Bumbo. She didn't like sitting in at first but I'm putting her in it for short periods at a time and she seems to be adjusting to it. Here she is reading (eating) the paper. She doesn't like that she can see her foot but can't seem to get it in her mouth. If anyone has any advice or ideas about it let me know. We also bought the tray. Roger didn't think her thighs would fit...haha! They fit.