Tuesday, December 29, 2009

white christmas

It has been years since we had a white christmas (Roger says it's been more than 10 years, usually we get ice). This year we got a white powdery one and I'm loving it! It started to fall on the 24th and by the 25th it was a winter wonderland. This is L's first christmas so it's even more memorable.

View obscured by the snow on the windows, when I lived in Southern California we used to spray that fake snow to make it look like this.

Our christmas tree with the gifts we are giving. The tree is not crooked, the angel is. The boys need to get credit they decorated the tree this year. I did the bubble lights and garland. The bottom ribbon is messed up L pulled some of it out.

This year I was going to make stockings for all of us but I ran out of time and just barely finished the boy's stockings. Still working on the other four and maybe I can get them done in time to put the christmas stuff up...we will see.

Boys excited about opening presents Christmas morning, L didn't much care except for a piece of paper she found and watched tv most of the time. Remy making one of his goofy faces, can't seem to get a good shot without him doing that!! haha!

More gifts!

Ram holding L and she holding her giraffe, which she still has not played with!

Boys sledding

Roger helping pull it back up the hill. I got to ride it a couple of times but I had the camera...haha! Not sure how much snow we got but I think it's more than the 2-6 inches predicted!

L stayed in the car, the wind made it feel colder.

Still playing outside in the snow, Ram making tracks.

Rem running in the front yard.

Some of the snacks we had after Christmas. Cheddar and black peppercorn popcorn and pickled olives. The blue glass dishes are gifts from my sister and mother in law...lucky me, I got a place setting for 12!!!

Mints, chocolate and nuts.

Yummy cheese spread and water crackers.

More snacks, none of these snacks were made by yours truly they all came out of boxes.
Wishing everyone a prosperous New Year in 2010!!!

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