Thursday, June 13, 2013

doubts on my detail abilities...

My current (er, one of) knitting project, has been such a HUGE headache and at the same time it has been a learning experience. I consider myself a detailed person, but for the life of me I could not knit a row without making a mistake, either on the front or reverse side. I took this apart so many times I could have made 3 by now. I am being series about this too! I took clue 1 apart 8 times....eight!!!! The pattern isn't actually that hard, rather easy actually. I even wrote my stitch counts on a  notebook to make sure they come out right, I went slow, still....I kept making mistakes. I put it down after I corrected my errors and saved it for the next day. I could have kicked myself so many times. Ugh! past clue 2, so I am 4 weeks behind on this knit-a-long but I am determined! (I feel like Anne Elliot in Jane Austin's Persuasion!) First, it's a good pattern and the shawl is very pretty (based on pictures others have posted, who have managed to keep up). So I have ended at 14 repeats and I actually went past that, I was at repeat 15 when I could not figure out what I was doing wrong...again!!! Then I realized I should have stopped earlier, like several days ago. Took that apart. The biggest thing that helped me move on and not quit...I used a spare yarn and marked after a repeat, so when I made a mistake I took it back to that point, which I did, many many times...It was my life saving line. To be truthful I took it apart many times before I started using my place mark yarn.
{Happy sigh} Now I am working clue 3 so far so good and I'm going to spend time catching up. Let me just say it was knitter error. I think I yelled at the kids a couple of times, well, actually I know I yelled a lot at them might as well fess up. Sorry to my children who just walked away from me, smart children.
I will most definitely post a finished project.