Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quilt Show

Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show 2010

Ok it has taken me awhile to post this, but last Friday I went to the quilt show in OKC and had a great time! Even though I went by myself. The weather was warmer than it had been, which I'm glad because I was not looking forward to the drive, rain had been predicted. There was a lot fog making it really hard to see, but I made it with plenty of time to spare. The bag above was a gift they were giving out to everyone.

Just to say I did take my camera with me, but alot of booths had no photography signs that I didn't bother to take it out, which was fine because I had forgotten to put the card back in so I wouldn't have taken any pictures.

I had registered for a workshop so I had to be there at 9 a.m. It was a very early drive, I forgot how much I enjoy driving trips. No one in the car to listen to your bad singing, picking the radio station you want and the volumn you want...haha! When the sun came up and the fog burned off it turned out to be a relaxing drive.

The workshop was Juke Box Baby, reverse applique, given by Linda Everhart, she was great. It was a small class so we got lots of attention and instructions. The top had lots of cutting and that part was fun too. I got to learn to use a new tool, a surgical knife. Yes I did buy one it was easy and made cutting alot easier.

This is the top, I need to bind and quilt and I will have an update picture for everyone. Hopefully soon. I bought so much stuff I've got tons of projects to do (okay just a few, but it feels like more).
These are two dishtowels I bought usually you find them in red I was surprised to see them in blue, matches my kitchen.

If you can believe it this is all the fabric I bought I had planned on buying more but I got distracted with other stuff...hehe. The two in the front are vintage I belive corn sacks. They had so many I had to limit myself to two.

I got an African basket made from elephant grass, it is suppose to last a long time and you can get it wet, actually they said to reshape it just get it wet. I did get a fat quarter bundle and a quilt kit, Heather Bailey fabrics in the quilt kit. I have now been exposed to Heather Bailey fabric and they are beautiful. The rope you see is from one of the vendors that sold supplies for baskets, It's a Wrap book had more instructions but I thought it was a good way to get rid of extra fabric and something to do with the kids. I'm thinking of having them make presents for teacher appreciation.

The instructor had a booth and I stopped by and bought other supplies and this book about Scandinavian crafts translated to Japanese. The pictures are great and it will be easy to follow...yes more projects. Good thing one of my new years resolutions was to finish what I started at least for this year, previous projects not so sure...hehe!

Here is another pattern I bought, pin cushion and trash bag. I almost didn't get it, but decided to go back for it. I love it. I have all my fabric cut up and ready to sew. I'm hesitant on the sewing part because I am getting a sewing machine and torn between going ahead and making it and getting to use the new machine. I fell in love with the Bernina 440 they had in the workshop, it's like a cadillac compare to my White and it does sooooo much more. I went online and checked out the reviews...all positive. So by the end of the week I should have it...so excited I can't wait! I will definately be taking pictures for everyone to see. My local fabric store is a dealer.

This kit was just something new to try and it is so easy as you can see in the picture I'm almost done with it. I started it Saturday evening and would have been done except I wanted to save something for Sunday. Which I did finish, no picture of the finished product because I'm making a pillow out of it and will show it finished. It was so much fun, I think I can design my own patterns and make a rug or something. I got the needle at the booth as well. They were so nice all of the vendors were nice they all had time to explain and show you what they had, I had a blast.