Friday, September 18, 2009

Janet's Birthday

Quick update on my camera search...
Still have not found my camera but life has been so hectic that I really have not had a chance to, but this weekend...I have to find it! I'm on a mission...hehehe!

My good friend Janet's birthday is tomorrow...

Happy Birthday Janet!

I made her a neck wrap, at least that's what I'm calling it. I love making them they are so easy and people love them, plus they make you feel good. I have seen them alot on the internet made with all kinds of material I made mine out of Amy Butler fabric Temple Garland Sky, have I mentioned how much I love her fabric? no? hehe! I filled it with rice and flax seed. Not sure how much the flax seed helps I've seen them made with only flax seed and some with only rice so I mixed both.

Janet was nice enought to take a picture of it and send it to me because I have no camera right now. If I have not thanked you, "Thanks!"

Have a great birthday weekend, Janet!

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  1. Well, I happen to love this post. Hmmm, wonder why!!?? Thanks for the neck wrap, Estela. I've already used it 3 times today, once walking around the floor at work with it on. It feels great even if you don't need it. But lately, it's just what I need. Just the warmth around my neck and shoulders feels wonderful. Thanks again for the wonderful birthday gift!!!