Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Encyclopedia, what's that?

I just heard that they will no longer publishing the print edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, you can read the press release here. The 2012 edition is the last one and when the stock is's gone. I know I'm a geek because I always wanted one. Unfortunately it's pricey at $1395.00 for its 32-volume set. This is one of those things that the younger generation did not have to use because they have the world wide web. I remember researching items and coming across others information in my search. oh (sigh!). I'm a lover of  paper.

We can say we were around when books were still printed and we had paper cuts from it that hurt really bad...haha!

I do have an update on my "A Month of Letters Challenge". The goal was to send out 24 letters in February. I did not make the 24 but I did sent out 11 letters including packages and received 3 items, only one related to my letters. I'm enjoying a renewed correspondence with my sisters.