Sunday, January 23, 2011

new camera and winter quilt show

A quick hello to everyone.
Last weekend I went to the Oklahoma City Quilt Show, this is the third year in a row for me and although I go by myself I have a great time. I get to look as long as I want and I don't have to hear how tired anyone is...because I'm there for several hours. For Christmas I got a Canon Rebel T2i from my husband and it is so neat! I've taken tons of photos of just about anything to get a feel for it. Still have a long way to go...maybe if I watch the DVD it come with, may help? hmmmm.
This is a work in progress, still have more to finish but coming along nicely, it's a camera bag from Sew Liberated book with a modifications and I'll have to show those later.


This picture was taken by Rog from inside the house the hawk/falcon had been hanging around the backyard most of the day.


These are just a few of the quilts there were tons of beautiful ones.


This is a quilt I thought the boys would like, planes and birds.


There were quite a bit of patriotic quilts.



I always seem to be attracted to sealife, not sure if it has to do that I grew up near on the west coast in Southern California, but I always love them.


This one is made with felt it's gorgeous and I bought some felt stuff for myself to give it try.


Close ups


This one was made of satin fabric it was beautiful and inspiring and a close up of it.


Close up...


I took a break and watch this presenter (I know I'm terrible I can't remember her name)speak about repurposing old jeans into clothes and crafts, here she is holding up a quilt done from toddler jeans.


I just love the the colors...


I love reverse applique...


I really thought I had taken a lot more pictures but apprently not...haha!