Tuesday, June 28, 2011

weird e-mail and some pictures

First I would like to start off that I'm not sure exactly what happened but some people got some spam e-mail from me today. It appears I sent some kind of advertising for enhancing your romantic life or some diet crap. I e-mailed yahoo to see if they can figure out what happened but in the mean time, I like to say I did not send any mail today, 27th of June. I apologize for the weird e-mail from me.

Here is a picture from the photography class I attended Saturday in OKC (which was also the birthday present Rog got me! Big smile on my face). It was actually fun and I enjoyed listening to Samantha Lamb talk about her process and her ideas and also left with some neat resources. I'm planing on putting some of my pictures on postcards.

This picture has some editing because I wanted to bring out the color and try something different. Samantha does little editing as she can to her pictures so this is not one of the things I learned. Also the class was taught at this neat store that sells handmade items and if it was closer to me I would go broke.

One more thing...Rog and I made the TulsaWorld newspaper! Yet again...haha! This picture was from a Freewheel ride we took about 10 years or more ago and it was originally in the paper the day after they took it. The article has some good advice on sunburns. Here in Oklahoma we are in the three digits already. Do you think I look fat? (haha!)