Tuesday, January 3, 2012

resolutions and a birthday

I really enjoy making resolutions it's kind of my planner for the year and like most people I fall off the wagon and not finish most (or all) of them, but it does give me a sense of organization. There is none of "this year I will lose weight", it's more like this year I will get up and move more. Last year I had a long list and yes I finished one!!! At least that is all I can remember because I don't know where I put the list?? I read 41 books thanks to GoodReads. The goal was 12 and slowly made its way to 40. So this years goal (resolution) is to read 40 books.

My list of resolutions?? Well as not to bore everyone with them...no sense in making myself look bad in case I don't get to finish them I will not have them all listed here. I will say that most of them revolve around spending and making time for family and continuing to learn new things and build on old ones. Actually I just started writing on my new iPad....yes, Rog got me one for Christmas and I never thought about getting one, but it's small enough to carry and I already carry a planner so why not (yes part of another resolution to get organized).

So I'm proud to say I'm starting off a couple of my resolutions with this card. I'm still following the Sketchbook Challenge and January is doodling month...so I'm doodling away! Easy right? Doodling means you doodle on anything with anything...easy peasy...The card with some of my doodling on it will be late for my nephews 16th birthday (today!!!) but it is on the way.

Happy Birthday Chris!