Wednesday, May 7, 2014

yarn along and band concert



It's yarn along Wednesday and I've started on my Perkins Cove top. I also joined a knit a-long with Very Shannon for May that starts today if you want to check it out or peek at other peoples projects. I'm hoping this will encourage me to finish by the end of the month. I'm loving this yarn, Sparrow, from Quince&Co. it's 100% organic linen and it's really nice, doesn't feel papery and it knits up like smooth butter!!! One of the gals at my local yarn store {They just started carrying Quince&Co so I don't think they have it available on their website yet} helped me pick out the color, it's juniper a greenish almost silvery color. My AWESOME coworkers gave me a gift card for Administrative day which I so enjoyed spending on this yarn, pattern and I got a free tote! Thanks guys!!!!
I'm patting myself on the back because I made a swatch {and blocked it} for my top, since this is the first garment I am making I figured I need all the help I can get. Also I plan to use this yarn again so it maybe helpful to have a swatch. I keep holding it and looking at it...yes I am a goober! Look at my swatch, look at my swatch!
I finished my Fibonacci blanket...YEA!!! now I just have ends to weave in. It will be nice for the Fall.

I started to read "Gargoyle Knight", it's basically a romance. I love happy endings, where the villain is defeated and good triumphs, yes I am a romantic dreamer. It has obviously gargoyle lore and myth around Celtic culture. I've only read several chapters and it's set in present day, so I don't have a recommendation yet. I paused on reading "Oh myyy! There goes the internet"  and plan to pick it up next month.

Summer Band Concert:
Yesterday was my son Rem's Spring concert. They did great and I'm happy to know that he plans to stay with his clarinet for another year. {I also played the clarinet in Jr. High so it makes me happy he likes it}. Later this week he is auditioning for Advance Band. Good Luck!  He is still so little, my precious baby boy!...{sigh}

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