Thursday, August 12, 2010

back to school

first day of school

The boys are back in school! Can you believe that today was their first day. It's still so hot around here it feels like the middle of summer. Ram on the left starting second grade and Rem on the right starting fourth grade. The picture was taken on their way to class. They are so cute and little! Even though it looks like they are headed toward their executions...haha! The boys were okay with going to school Ram was more excited than Rem. I remember the first day of school was always exciting and I could not wait to go. I would get up early, have new clothes to wear, see my friends and new classes...maybe it's just a girl thing...hehe!

When I got home from work it was nice to hear they had a good day after all, they liked their teacher (yea! I like that!) and they like their class. Rog got them pizza for dinner!!! Yippee!

I also added pictures of the stuff I'm working on...

I got some fabric from this online store for a quilt I'm making using some Alexander Henry 2-D Zoo fabric. I'm in love with all the Alexander Henry fabrics they are so cute. I've got quite a bit of his stuff...poor Rog he doesn't say anything...hehe! Too much fabric and not enough time...sounds like a slogan for a t-shirt...hmmmm.

I also have a lot of pictures that Ram draws with birds, fish, boats and butterflies I'm trying to do something with them all so here is one of the projects with the cardinal Ram drew. I colored copied on canvas but I may try again just on white fabric...not sure, still trying to figure it out.

2-d zoo


Monday, August 9, 2010

calvin and hobbes

Hey check this out I just saw it here at the Letter Writers Alliance blog, it's Calvin and Hobbes! They came out in July. It's too bad we can't get all of just Calvin and Hobbes but you can get them at the post office. I'm smiling just thinking of the comic strip...hehe!