Wednesday, February 24, 2010

all about pink

Little Miss Luna turned one on the 16th and her birthday party was Saturday. (Finally got around to downloading the pictures so I can post them.) I think her party was more exciting for us than it was for her. We had Rog's family over, mine is in Cali too far for them. Not really being a pink person myself but I am trying to add color, pink being one of them. I'm more of a brown, navy blue, grey girl...well, enough about me back to the birthday girl. She had a good time and at the end of the day she slept all night long very soundly.

That morning she was getting ready for her big day. First time in the big tub by herself and about 4 inches of water!

Got the decorations ready for the party, it's was all pink! I think the "happy birthday" banner was hard to see, but it matched the fabric on the table! I'm so proud of myself...hehe! (I didn't realize she had crawled under the table when I took this picture.)

The birthday cake...I got the recipe from Martha Stewart website and I was up until 3 am baking. I'm blaming our electric stove! The first layer was burnt on top and the middle was not done, the next two came out ok, but I thought it was too short so...I made more batter and made the third layer.

Ram being a good brother helped L open her gifts. I think he was excited because he picked her presents, he got her the wand and the baby doll. I asked Rem why he didn't go and pick a gift he said his gift to her would be to play and spend time with her, adorable.

Gifts from Roger's family.

One of the gifts Brenda sent, green raincoat.

What was left of the cake and the pink lemonade we enjoyed with it.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures I know I need to be better and send more updates of her. That's a New Year's far not doing so good on that one...hmmm.