Friday, July 29, 2011

wip and paper crafts

There is just not enough time for a working mom, but these I plan to finish! Sounds pretty committed and determined doesn't it? I hope so. These are just a few things in my long, insanely long list of things I want to make and do.
I'm curious to know what you want to do and don't have time for? Maybe I want to do it to...hehe!
Happy Friday!

Sneak peak quilt... 

Sneak peak - quilt

Reading group book and some gifts for my reading group.

Here's some paper crafts the boys did. I'm so proud they do some kind of craft, just like their mama...haha! 

Old Vinyl records, Ram made a record player as well, didn't get a pic of it yet...Ram made sleeves, Rem's is the happy face.

 Ram's Redstone rocket, it's got some 3-d to it, but I'm not sure the pictures shows it very good.