Wednesday, March 3, 2010


{no pictures for this post}

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and discovered the goodreads website while checking out angry chicken's post. It's pretty neat [do people still say neat...I do but I can get nerdy sometimes], you can list the books you are reading, read or want to-read and share. I just signed up and have not gone through all the features but I did list what I am currently reading. My profile is currently private [at least I think it is...haha] but as soon as go through it all I will add friends to it.

I also added a widget to my blog but it may just take you to the sight and not my list of books.

You all know what a big romance novel reader I am so I want to share what I am currently reading Born to Be Bad, my second book by an author I recently discovered, Sherrilyn Kenyon. I just finished Devil May Cry, which is her dark hunter series, it's kind of sci-fi romance. It has a different take on Greek mythology. Gods from Olympus and demons since I love Greek mythology I enjoyed reading it.

Maybe this will help our book club!

Let me know what you all are reading maybe I need to read it...hehe!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


This week's artwork.
I really encourage them to draw by making sure they have supplies available to them anytime, we have a box for art supplies and they can even use my Prisma markers and color pencils. Just one rule they need to put the caps back or they will dry out and they will not be allowed to use them for awhile. So far they have been great with them.

The boys watched Bugs Bunny this weekend, I think it was something like 1001 arabian nights (? I could be wrong, I never pay attention to episode names and they do, my little geeky boys...haha!) Rem created his version of Daffy Duck, I forgot how funny they are, all four of us laughed, except for Luna. Rem drew each piece to make it 3 dimensional, I love how their minds work! Next time I will have to remember to take a picture of the process. We didn't have cotton for the stuffing, so he was going for the toilet paper when I handed him a cheap paper napkin. He couldn't get it to stand so he added a bit more tape and taped it down on the mantle. I was going to move it to take a picture until it didn't budge.

Ram made this dinosaur scene for his cousin Elan, he said he made it because Elan likes dinasours. He just did it out of the blue, it looked pretty good before he even colored it and afterwards it looked better! I love it! It looks like an illustration froom a book. It is in his room because he doesn't want it to go to the recycle bin. I tend to pick stuff up that has been laying around for awhile and recycle. They go through it now and then when they can't find what they were looking for.

The boys are still interested in NASCAR, this is one of Ram's favorite cars #17 Matt Kenseth. This year his car is purple, he made sure I knew that. We have tons of cars around the house of all the cars they draw, not to mention all the airplanes. If you are race car fans apparently there have been some changes this year to how they race, so we have seen alot more crashes. Also, Danica Patrick is racing in the Nationwide series (airs on Saturdays)...go girl!

This is Ram's intro to the movie he made. Both boys have a growing interest in the space shuttle. He didn't used the airplane just the corner "space shuttle mission". I need to download it to youtube so I can post it, it's about 7 minutes so it will take me awhile and I can do a link to it for your viewing pleasure...hehe!

Just a note Little Miss L has been sick all weekend and has hardly slept or let me sleep. This is a rare moment when she wasn't crying. They boys just layed around and hardly moved when they felt sick, she cries...haha! They are so opposites!