Friday, August 10, 2012


I ran into an article for donations of artwork to be auctioned off for fundraising to the Henthorn PAC. Normally I hoard all my art work but I decided I would donate my goldfish from my silly creatures class and created a postcard on the back and mailed it off. They are having the opening party Aug. 24th. I hope it help with their efforts. I had bought a postcard stamp awhile back and finally got to use it, its nice when things work out like that.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

new stationary

I bought new stationary, actually postcards. I got them at Anthropologie from Rifle Paper Co. I may need to make up stuff to thank people just to send them out.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

snail mail

I am a member of the Letter Writer's Alliance, "an organization dedicated to keeping the art of letter writing alive". Being a paper lover I love buying stationary, therefore love to get letters, but who doesn't. Sometimes I hoard my stationary too long and don't use it...haha! I also love old office supplies so I have a collection of those (some day I will take a picture to show off my stuff).

This post  has some fun mail organization tips and her drawings are neat. Makes me want to sketch.

picture take from LWA blog

Feel free to drop me a note! I'm using up my stationary because I want some new stuff!


Monday, August 6, 2012

heat wave of 2012

I just wanted to add that we did have a storm brewing but the haze was due to fires in Mannford, Ok, about 37 miles from us.
I just found out someone I know, their house burnt to the ground.
Here's another link to photos and video. Looks like California wildfires.

It has been a hot one so far. Temperatures have been in the triple digits and everything is dying. It is so hot...sounds like the beginning of a joke, but seriously it has been really hot! Saturday we got the tail end of a storm but only got a light sprinkle of rain. I was looking at the trees and they are starting to turn brown at the top. We seriously need some rain before all the trees and bushes start to die. I tried saving my tomato plants but it was a loosing battle.
Usually I'm not keen on storms living in Oklahoma's tornado alley but I really wanted to get a storm this weekend.
Here is the tail end of what we got to see. It was hazy and dark to the north and bright clear blue to the south.

Keeping up with my Olympic craze, I got some sticky notes at Anthropologie....
Cute and can't wait to use them!