Wednesday, March 24, 2010

rockets and flying geese

I can't wait...

I took pictures of Jaime's birthday gift that should arrive pretty soon, belated. {My sisters know that getting it in the same month is pretty good for me!} His birthday was the 11th of this month and thanks to several set-backs {stitches, taking it apart and sewing back together, the new stitching regulator (which is actually pretty cool once I got the hang of it), running out of fabric --changing my mind about one of the colors -- and not giving myself enough time} did not leave until yesterday. USPS should deliver in a couple of days. The flying geese pattern is new for me, learned quite a bit about triangles, they are easy and hard at the same time...haha! To get the corners perfect you have to be careful, mine are not. Don't look too close. This is my first machine quilted item. You can see the stars in the last two pictures. I had the boys hold it up and it was hard to get them to hold still there were several blurry pictures before I got a decent one. There was also another small gift that I forgot to take a picture of that will be a surprise. Lets just say it matches the quilt...hehe!

spring break

Just a quick post about spring break...

I took a few days off for spring break and we hit two museums.

The Philbrook was originally a villa built in the 1920's then it was donated to the city as an art center in 1937. (I took this picture from the Internet I didn't think of taking a picture of the building and it's so beautiful). They are having free family day every second Saturday of the month this year and the kids get art supplies. They have art activities but we spent so much time in the gift shop we ran out of time.

The boys had a great time they got to go into all the rooms and they actually enjoyed looking at the art. It was a little bit chilly so we didn't go see the gardens, but not much is blooming yet so maybe next month.

We also went to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium {a different day...hehe}because snow was forecast for Saturday and their prediction was accurate. We got snow Saturday morning and Sunday and it melted by Monday. That should be our last frost. {should, keep fingers crossed.} We saw a magic show at the Planetarium with 'Brandini', it was pretty fun he had the kids participate and explained how science helps his magic tricks. The TASM is not very big but we were there for 3 hours because they had to see everything in detail. The F-14A Tomcat was the highlight for them. L enjoyed running around.

The Philbrook

This is one of the first paintings they say and they said they had seen it before then they ran off so I didn't get to read about the painter.

TASM & Planetarium

Magic show

Backyard view and big snowflakes coming down.
View of my small vegetable garden.