Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A quick post with some artwork from the boys.

Rem does 8-box artwork at school every week. His interpretation and detail amazes me! Just look at the detail he did for some of his words, like the cow flying through the air in the tornado block,...haha! Looks like a Holstein. The tail of the airplane picture in the art museum art block (he just informed me that its a FedEx 727), the death star in the star block and the space station for the dark block (in the bottom right). I did close ups of them so maybe you can find more objects, an I spy post.

Ram drew a turkey for me tracing his hand. I was sewing and he planted himself next to me and decided I needed a picture of a turkey. He actually got in my way but he didn't stop until he was done. It turned out pretty good. Which is a reminder that Thanksgiving is next week....uhhh! too quick!

We are starting to get busy with the holidays, behind is more realistic, but it all works out in the end. I have been sewing quite a bit, actually a lot. Some of the projects are turning out pretty decent so I keep going. The house has been neglected so now I have to stop and clean...of course tomorrow, I'll just start tomorrow...hehe. I'll try and post pictures of some of my completed projects.

In case I don't post before Thanksgiving, hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoying a great dinner or lunch like we do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

8-box artwork

star block - star and death star

clear block - clear path and clear skies

tornado block - cow flying in the sky

dark block - space station and x-wing fighter

art block - FedEx 727 painting

Yes we love airlplanes!!!

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