Monday, August 17, 2009

knit socks by October???

Maybe this is too ambitious...I'm knitting a pair of socks the pattern looked so cool and easy I had to give knitting another try. I had recently purchased "itty-bitty nursery" by Susan B. Anderson because it had instructions on how to knit and I liked the projects. I found it hard to follow, apparently I'm a visual person when it comes to knitting and crotcheting. I decided to give knitting up and just stick to crocheting.
Then I saw this free pattern at Hobby Lobby (actually I had seen it several times because I go there quit a bit) it looked like the same stitch...easy right? (thank goodness sometimes I am too naive and that works for me). I could see me making these socks...I read how much yarn I needed bought it (actually 2 balls even though you only see one in the picture) went home all excited...until I actually started to read the instructions...first, my mom never taught me what the stitches were called she just said do this, I believe I was a teenager at the time...second, she taught me in Spanish and if she did say what it all was called I don't remember. I found a great tutorial on YouTube (there are a total of 4 to complete the socks) and I started to knit! Watch out!!! I love it.
I actually learned different ways to start (cast on...hehe), knit and purl. I still have not figured out which one works best for me, but I'm using the YouTube one for now.
My goal is to get the pair done by the end of October...reasonable? We shall see. Wish me luck and I just might knit socks for Christmas presents next year...maybe...hehe!

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