Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Happy December!
I know the month has already started, but it has been awhile since I have posted and I wanted to say hello! This time of year is so busy and exciting, I love all things, clothes, music, food, shopping (yes, even shopping!) sharing, giving, food, and making.

I have to admit that I have been on Instagram a lot and I love it! You can follow me I'm ravenramandmoon!

I've taken some cross-stitch projects on, (Christmas ones) and I may not be done in time!!!! I guess they will be ready for next year.

Also, Christmas decorations are coming up slowly around the house and hopefully I can take pictures and share those with everyone! (So excited!!! then I can move on to the cooking!)

Here is one of the cross-stitch projects the Christmas Celebration Sampler, still a work in progress but going to try real hard to finish before Christmas! It is being released as clues so there is still one clue left (the border-coming out this Friday, Dec.5th) and I'm sure it still will be available on their site. This one is Christmas spelled out and each letter representing a theme...C for Carolers, H for Hot cocoa and holly, R for Reindeer, I for Icicles and ice point to keep going you can't see the rest since I haven't done them...haha!

I have been loving the calendars from Oana Befort's blog, here is the December one...too cute! The little hot chocolate mug on the bottom right!!! The link lets you download on desktop, iphone or ipad.

I also wanted to share a link to Advent playlist "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him" created by SheReadsTruth! I'm currently following their Advent plan, enjoy!

The Advent plan study resource...just a glimpse you really do not have to have it to be part of the study, but this one is adorable, includes songs, recipes and of course the readings. It's done with my favorite holiday colors, green and red.

I got A Christmas Carol in the mail today!!! This will be our family reading for the rest of the year. Remy has been excited to start this one, hopefully the other two will enjoy it as well! The book is a Penguin Classic, fabric bound in white with navy blue snowflakes, they are adorable!! The illustrations are black and white but have an old time feel, which I am enjoying this time of year. Hopefully no humbug for me! I am behind on my gift buying, but I am every year...

Linked up with Small Things blog - Yarn Along.
Sharing my book, did not have a picture of my knitting...working on a Breezy sweater, the picture is from Ravelry.
Image from Ravelry

More Christmas-y things to come,
Have a happy Wednesday!