Thursday, September 6, 2012

summer vacation

We manged to squeeze in a family vacation right before school started and went to D.C. It was very educational, even thought we were there for 5 days and only got to see maybe a fourth of the museums. I've learned that with every trip we learn our way around and the next time we go it will be less crazy. Here's a quick tour of what we got to see and do...

Riding down the escalator at the Rosslyn Metro Station on our way to go the main mall.

The Air and Space Smithsonian Museum

Lunch at McD's at the Air & Space Museum

Entrance of the A&S Museum

At the top of the National Archives. We did get to view the Declaration of Independence and Constitution but no pictures were allowed inside.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Castle

National Archives entrance.

The back of the White House

The Executive Building was right next to the White House and it's huge!

L got tired of walking...

Stopped for lunch and a couple of souvenirs.

 Front of The White House

We did wave at the president in case he looked out...haha!

Washington Monument.

Lincoln Memorial

View from Lincoln Memorial, you can see the Capital Building behind the Washington Monument, the reflecting pool is being worked on.

Vietnam Memorial

Our hotel from across the Potomac on our way to Georgetown.

The oldest house in D.C. Old Stone house, it was a 3-story building.

Stopped for ice cream

Walking back to the hotel after spending the day in Georgetown.

Back of the Capital Building

Taking a break...

 Front of the Capital Building