Thursday, April 1, 2010

signs of spring!

Finally, some signs of Spring!

We have had an abnormal cold winter and in the past few days has begun to get warmer, but {this is a good but} yesterday I noticed the blooms on my bleeding heart! Bestill my heart! {hehe, I know bad joke...} I live in zone 6 and this plant has done so good every year. I even butchered it last year by yanking half of it off and giving to my mother-in-law. So far it's doing great and the hearts are gorgeous. I just got done pulling weeds that have overgrown my perennial shade garden. Which I will have to move because the electric company cut the tree down {actually glad the tree is gone} and now there will be no shade during the Summer. I will have to transplant them {not happy about that}.

Happy Spring!!