Wednesday, August 21, 2013

stress therapy

I have to admit I have a problem. I'm one of those that shop as therapy. When I get stressed out I go out shopping. Luckily I don't get stressed out that often and I don't spend a lot.  I just buy something, it could be anything small, candy, new pen, or a card ...actually from what I have noticed I think I go shopping to get away, most of it is window shopping. It actually helps me organize my thoughts. I had a very stressful job at one time and it left me with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint disorder) so now I clench my jaw when I get stressed out, which leads to jaw and head aches. When the pain gets to that point I'm starting to figure out that I am stressed out. Pain killers and a mouth guard help for a time until I can take the stressful situation under control. It's usually too much work and I need to stop and prioritize and same thing at home.
Life just gets too overwhelming at times.
Anyways...I wondered into JoAnn's on my lunch hour and they had the rotary cutter's on sale (40% off, got to love JoAnn's!). I've always wanted an OLFA cutter so I purchased one and the new Crafty magazine. I like this magazine because it reminds me to keep it simple and I love their logo! 
Have a great non-stress remainder of this week!