Friday, September 18, 2009

Three Stones by Kyu Baik Hwang

I got this neat painting at an art sale they had at work, it is done in mezzotint (I had to look that up online) by a Korean artist Kyu Baik Hwang. It is growing on me even more and I'm loving it! This is my second painting from an artist...wooo hooo! I got a collection...hehe! The painting is called "Three Stones". The reason why I sound so knowledgeable is because I was lucky it had a label on the back which was added when it was purchased by the company. Originally the wood grain in the middle stones attracted me and of course the stones. (Yes, I have a thing for wood grain, one of my favorite blogs is dedicated to faux bois, fake wood) I've got a history with stones for some reason people tend to give me rocks, stones, boulders, pictures of rocks...haha. I, of course accept gratefully because for some reason I enjoy getting them. Over time I have lost or misplaced some but I still have some of them. So when I saw this I knew it was fate. I have three kids and the youngest is a girl, the last stone has water-lilies, lotus? So with the feminine and two masculine stones I bonded...haha! My friend Janet was wondering what the match meant on the first stone...??? No idea...anyone? anyone? Bueller? I've tried looking on line and have not had any luck finding anything about it. I did find a biography on Hwang and it seems he may still be alive. How cool would it be if I could ask him what the meaning of the painting is. So for now I'm enjoying it. It is not hung in it's permanent home yet, but in the hallway a little over from my little artists' artwork.
So guys whatever your collection is as long as you love it, display it proudly!
If you guys have any ideas or suggestions about the painting's meaning let me know.

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  1. You probably figured this out by now, but what you have there is an intaglio print, not a painting. I hope you've found out more about the mezzotint process so you can really appreciate the art in your collection. Congratulations on owning such a nice piece - you have a good eye, in addition to good luck!