Thursday, August 27, 2009


We got this bag from Remy's school when he got sent home sick, Monday. It's perfect! Describes how our house has been for the past couple of days. It started Saturday with Ramsey, I think even Fred was sick. So we are all on the road to recovery a few sore throats, achey bodies and coughs. Roger has cleaned the carpet no more puke smell! Woopie!!!! He was the only one who was not sick but took care of all of us. Which I feel bad becuause he was the puke-picker-upper. Now it's just the Lysol smell...haha! I don't think we got the flu but it was some kind of stomach virus. Just wanted to let everyone know we are doing better. By the way Luna puked and she only has a cough now.
Hope everyone is healthy and well!!