Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In loving memory...
This weekend our family lost a member of our little family, Fred. You all know how much he was loved and pampered. It is hard for me to write this without getting a knot in my throat or a tight feeling in my chest, then the tears flow... Lately he had been moving and getting around slowly but still he would follow me from room to room. Even though he was 14 years old we knew it was coming but it is still shocking. I had hoped he would be around for a couple more years at least that is what I had prepared myself for. Although his passing is hard on us, we are all glad he was part of our lives. He was Rog's hunting buddy, my companion and heater...(hehe!) and the kids bouncy toy. L gave him lots of hugs and climbed all over him, which he didn't seem to mind considering his cranky old age. It's still hard at times when I forget and think he is in the other room or as I come out of the bathroom he will be waiting for me.
My heart feels a little broken right now and I know in the future I will remember him fondly.
He is now resting peacefully so we said good bye to...old man, buddy, numb-nuts, pumpkin...Fred.

This photo was taken in July this year on Rem's birthday.