Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter's Solstice

Photo from 5 Orange Potatoes website.

It's almost Christmas, 4 shopping days left! We are all very excited here at the house. Last night the kids and I sang Christmas carols and wrapped gifts, The Twelve Days of Christmas and Rudolph the-red-nose-raindeer were the favorites. Rem add-libbed every now and then, like his dad he has some interesting and funny comments...haha! It was all good and appropriate for PG. I don't think we will get snow this year for Christmas like last year, but a nice chill will make our holiday spirit a little warmer.
This morning we had a lunar eclipse, the moon was red and if I had known I could have posted sooner and warned everyone so they can get up and watch it! I've been wrapped up in Christmas I missed it!!! My friend Megan told me about it. Everyone can google it and see pictures...hehe!
I was reading through 5 Orange Potatoes blog and there is a tutorial for making a dream pillow - moon phases the picture above. I am definately going to make one for L. How perfect!

Looks easy, thanks Lisa! (Just to clarify I don't know her personally but I love her ideas).