Thursday, June 12, 2014

"sew week"

Last week we started our round of summer activities to engage the kids mind. [Mostly the boys.]
They made a 20" envelope pillow for their project and we ended the week by attending the quilt show. Our bible study for last week and this week has been the book of Titus. We are focusing on giving, through Grace, Mercy, and Peace. In easier terms for them it's help, forgive and comfort. All three of us are learning everyday. So I am incorporating that into our projects. 
Remy was surprised he could make something and very happy with his pillow. Ram had a more complicated cover, with the back a different fabric, but he was so grateful and impressed by his accomplishment. We added a pocket for his phone following the pattern instructions. I think they turned out great! Even though they are in different rooms, they match.
The boys selected fabrics, surprised how quickly they were able to do it. They learned how to cut with a rotary cutter, iron and use the sewing machine. Hopefully we will continue to do projects in the future.



I used this pattern as a guide, since we made ours for a 20" pillow.

I think they better understand why I enjoy sewing so much.


  1. Lovely to see the enthusiasm on their faces :)

  2. thanks, the whole sewing experience turned out better than I thought!

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