Wednesday, June 11, 2014

yarn along


Finished the Briar hat!! My little model looks adorable in it so I have started a smaller version for her. The yarn is cotton so she will be able to wear all year long. I'm back to working on my Perkins Cove top, it's always hard to get back to something when you rip it out, having to figure out where you are in the pattern, picking up stitches, counting...blah blah blah, its sooo boring! Usually I put the project aside and take a long time [months, maybe years] to get back to it, but made myself not procrastinate and keep working on it!

I finished reading Missing Lily! Honestly this one was kind of hard for me to finish, although when I finally finished it I was glad I did, it's a cute romance story. I flew through the fist half and then kind of stalled on the last half.

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