Sunday, August 7, 2011

week of drawing and painting creatures

I have finished the first part of my summer online art camp and would like to share (show off, can't help it, I surprised myself) some of my art from the class I took this past week. I'm actually very proud of myself because I completed the work on time, learned alot and had more fun than I thought. I'm looking forward to next week's.

The classes are great and you can still sign up for the other two, Faces 101 and Junk Mail Artist Book. Carla posted tow videos for each day one for drawing and one for painting and warm up sheets to start the day. I really recommend taking one of her classes, I'm sure she will have more in the future and check her blog for inspiration. 

Here is the process of one of the paintings...
Finished piece.

The finished ones...they just created themselves I didn't plan what I ended up with.

Some of my drawings... 

I will take all kinds of comments because I pleasantly surprised myself (big grin on my face!).

Hope everyone had a great weekend and like I did got to spend time with their families.


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