Saturday, August 6, 2011

staying inside

I just want to say that is has been really HOT here, right now it is 105 degrees, high of 108 and forcasted to stay above 105 for awhile, it does get a little cooler in the evenings I think we have gone down to the 80's. We are in a heat wave and voluntary water rationing, the trees are starting to get affected, which they have suggested you water your trees first then shrubs than any other plants. That would be a huge impact if we lost alot of trees this summer. We don't have any in our back yard so we try to get the shrubs in the front of the house. Everything is so dry that if a fire were to start I think everything will light up like a match. So we are staying indoors (Karla and Pia you are familiar with our weather...hehe).

On that note, since we are stuck inside I can work on projects...yea!

Do I dare?!?!?! Yes. I'm going to participate in this quilt along that Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! is doing.
You can always jump in because she said there would be no deadline. Now for my homework until her next post on Aug. 8th to come up with a phrase....hmmmmm. Here is Elizathe's quilt.

picture Oh, Fransson!

One of my favorite online sites, great for buying earth friendly items, is trying to get lunch gear to those in need, so if you know of a school you can nominate them or help by providing items such as reusable lunches, read the post here. Maybe you can get inspired to bring your lunch to work.

I have this and this (of course orange and blue), that I got from them.

I was shopping around on etsy and this outfit would feel so good about right now, it's got an oriental style and made out of linen (which I love!!) but it's breezy...

custom Pure linen simplicity wavy top  with sleeves

One final thing, we will not make our trip to California before the kids start school this year, but Resurrection Fern just posted some beautiful beach pictures of the Oregon West coast, just a little more north but it does remind me of home.

All pictures below from Resurrection Fern blog

I know it's hot everywhere, so stay cool and hydrated and enjoy the weekend!


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