Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my lovley mother's day, day

I had told Rog that I wanted this Sunday to be my mother's day to attend our local yarn store's FiberFest and I really wanted to go. Didn't know what to expect but I had a good time, it was very relaxing.  The kids would have enjoyed it except that I was going to sign up for a couple of classes and I, well...pretty much wanted some quite time and not worry about chasing them...haha! They would not have waited they would have been bored or ran around and broken or turned over something. So the kids stayed home with Rog and I had a nice mother's day. Although, I did have a pretty good one on the actual day, I got a new zoom lens and a tripod. Maybe now I can be in some of the pictures...we'll see. Of course there were also the card Ram made in school, love it! He put in his own creative ideas into the projects.I didn't get one from Rem he said they didn't make anything at school !?!?!?!...I wonder if that's true or I was a bad mom...haha! He  helped select my gifts.

The FiberFest was held at a beautiful location in South Tulsa, known as "The Barn", if you scroll down on the link you can see more pictures of "The Barn". It is adorable, rustic and gorgeous along with the grounds around it. Although the day was gorgeous I sat in the sun, I'm naturally cold natured and needed heat, the shade was a little too cool for me.

This is a picture of one of the booths with this lovely, and that's not a words I use very often, girl, Samantha, who had a photography booth. She was lovely, nice and her work was inspiring. She is an Oklahoma native who lives on a farm in Southeastern Oklahoma. I bought some of her postcards. I was trying to just buy yarn stuff but could not resist her pictures. I also bought her book that came with a CD and she gave me a packet of wildflowers. (I believe all her customers got the seeds, I wasn't the only special one.)  Some of you lucky few maybe getting those lovely post cards from me. Can't seem to stop saying lovely...haha!

There was yarn spinning (I'm not all that familiar with much of the yarn stuff). I usually buy my yarn at Hobby Lobby or Michael's and only just found out I have been missing out on some really lovely yarn (did you get that lovely...he).

While I was standing around waiting for the raffle I noticed the old tub and just snapped a quick picture of it.

I did win 2 skeins of some lovely Nashua Creative Focus Silk yarn in posy pink.

I signed up for 2 free classes, the Loops store provided the instructors and I just paid for my supplies. The first class I took was a scarf and it was fun, I believe all the ladies were more advance than I was and the lady sitting next was very helpful. Still working on getting my scarf done...yes, I could be doing so many other things but I'm on a mission!!
I wasn't sure about the color they had a couple to chose from but this color reminded me of Rem, it's his favorite color and I think I'm going to love it. I did add my project to Ravelry, which I have recently joined. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this goes better than the socks!!!

The other class was a really easy wrist band that I did finish in class, too small for my wrist but I learned how to decrease, make a button hole, bind off and knitted cast on (loved this one!) all for $7 plus the class was 1 1/2 hours the cost paid for the kit which included a skein of yarn, button, and needles!!!! No picture I'm going to redo it I picked a white yarn and I'm gong to use a different color, plus it looks kind of crappy...haha!

One of the ladies in the first class mention when the Amish make a quilt they deliberately make a mistake because nothing is perfect. You bet I've got that philosophy down...there are quite a few mistakes!

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