Monday, May 16, 2011

airplanes, planets and freeze dried ice cream

Saturday the kids and I went to the Tulsa Air and Space Musem and Planetarium. They are getting ready to renovate the Planetarium with new equipment so we headed out there before they closed it for a couple of months. We saw, sat, and felt airplanes even L had a good time. They also offer tour guides because there is alot of aviation history in Oklahoma. They have an interactive area that changes. Currently they had the Memory exhibit about the brain. Ramsey took a picture next to a real human brain. Not as gross as it sounds it has been preserved and must have come from a healthy person because it looked fake...haha! We also spent more time at the gift shop than we should have because it's really small, but the kids just had to have did I. Ram got a ground crew airplane set and Rem got freeze dried ice cream, I got a mood ring and L got cheetos. Believe me she was very entertained with them. Then we headed off to the Planetarium for the "BIG" show. The show takes you out to the outskirts of the solar system. They also had 2 smaller shoes on the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. Learned something new for you science buffs. {which you may already know}. The rover, at least Spirit was suppose to be a 90 day mission tour, but it is still taking pictures 7 years later, the movie was done 2 years ago so they say 5 years. Isn't that exciting!!! Am I the only one seriously freeking out with how cool that is?!?!?! Anyways...all three kids enjoyed it including myself. The weather was a little windy in the sixties, but it was beautiful outside. Especially if you stood in the sun. The museum is located north of the airport so you also get to hear the jets take off and land as a bonus!

Endeavor is schedule to take it's final flight into space, it will blast off at 8:56 AM Eastern time, Monday, May 16th. If you happen to read this early maybe you can see it in the sky.

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