Wednesday, May 25, 2011

knitting cover to cover

There is this neat site called Ravelry, created for the knitting and crochet community. I have checked it out for patterns but I have recently joined one of the groups, the Cover to Cover Quest. It's for people who want to complete all the projects in the book!!! Crazy!! I just happen to find this neat book at the bookstore for beginning knitters, my goal is to do all the projects...hence learn a lot. So I joined the group thus committing myself to it. Call my crazy!

This is my first finished project the cowl, it's a scarf that is round. Unlike the socks that were abandoned from an earlier post {back in 2009!}. Very sad because I fell in love with the color of the yarn but I kept having problems. I still have not totally forgotten the project and plan to continue. I think I have trouble knitting with aluminum needles I have switched to bamboo...ohhhh I like it! and I have one pair of rosewood which I have been told once you knit with those you won't want anything else. They are  a little pricier, but I didn't notice a difference, as much as I noticed using the aluminum ones...ignorance is bliss. I just don't any better...LOL! The cowl was made with the rosewood needles. It's a lavender color and doesn't show very well in this picture. It's a chunky yarn from Twinkle, which I bought at my local yarn store, the pattern was free on Ravelry.

This is my next project, Fibonacci blanket, the yarn has come in!!! Exciting stuff!  I had to buy 4 times the amount because this is originally a baby blanket pattern and I will be making a throw. I bought the same colors so it should look just like it...sorry no creativity on my part. I will be using round needles...something new for me.
Also, I was at the Loops my local yarn store {a different time...don't tell Rog} and Gene who created the pattern works there and was in the store. He is a nice man. Anyways, I thought that was very cool, met the author...

Fibonnaci Blanket
flickr picture from crochetingcricket

One final thought there has been alot of tornatic activity in our area of the Midwest, I'm sure you have heard that Joplin, Missouri was hit the hardest this past Sunday evening. I had planned to make a contribution to the Red Cross but we have an employee in our department whose parents lost their home and they are in the process of working with their insurance company but are lucky enough to have found a hotel nearby and they were not hurt. We will be directly supporting our fellow co-worker. Please keep everyone else in your thoughts and prayers. We were hit with more severe weather on Tuesday, luckily for us it missed us but there were areas hit and a few lives lost.

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