Monday, June 6, 2011

I pulled a 100,000 lbs. plane!

Summer weekend adventure.
This weekend was HOT and summer has only just begun!
We spent the weekend at the airport and gardening. (Actually the boys stayed indoors and played video games, they were smart!)

American Airlines donated this MD-80 to the Technology School and it's the plane we pulled.
Two T-6 Texan planes flying over the runway.
Oh look it's me!!! I'm actually in a picture...
Here's me pulling and my boss, George is behind...I didn't know the rest of the people but we all worked together pretty good.
Rem, his target was actually on the right and didn't get it in the picture, but 3 arrows hit the target.
Ram and what he did most of the time we were there, blow bubbles from the Children's Museum activities.
Cockpit of one of the T-6 planes. This plane was beautiful close up it was in great condition! Rem had a blast looking at this plane I think he checked it all over.
L also enjoyed making shapes at the Children's Museum activity center.

I just signed up for an online photo workshop. There is still time if anyone else is interested. This book actually caught my attention at Hancock Fabrics which lead to her blog. Karla you might want to check it out, since you like to draw.

Just about melted planting and transplanting this weekend.
Some impatients for the front yard, hopefully they will be in full bloom by the 4th of July.

I only got a chance to put in one hosta but I still need to put in 2 more.

Rog pulled out the juniper in the front yard. Now I need to landscape it' looks pretty empty now and of course pull the grass coming through.
Forcast hot, no rain...Have a good week and enjoy the sun with SPF.

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  1. That was cool that you pulled the plane. Nice! Hey about the Silly Photo is that an online class? I just saw it today, I'll check the book out.