Sunday, March 20, 2011

welcome the spring and a super moon

Signs of spring are showing all around town, some of the trees are blooming, but here in my backyard some of the flowers have begun to pop out. Last year I got these tulip looking white flowers that I yanked out whenever I saw because I thought they were some kind of weed. Turned out they were snow drops! Which I found out after I had yanked them all out!!! This year I hope they come back and I will leave them alone. The year before I got this purple looking flower the resembled a viola and it spread so much I finally managed to get rid of it. I really didn't like it.So I thought the little white flower was the same kind of space hoarding plant. I'm hoping they still make an appearance again because somehow they had make it to my garden. Please please come back. If they do I will definitely show everyone.

Here in my garden one of the first things to sprout and bloom are my bleeding hearts, they are so delicate and beautiful, I believe they are a shade plant but when they first show up there is usually no leaves on the trees to provide any shade. Without shade they tend to not last as long in the summer months but by then the blooms are gone and the plants look ready to die. Our tree has been cut down by the power company, which was fine, but it took away my shade for the shade garden I planted. So, now I'm working on transplanting my shade plants or else I will lose them and making this a full sun garden. I'm not sure what kind of tree we had but I remember that every year we would have a bunch of green beetles and now they have lost their home or feeding ground.

So below in order you will find bleeding hearts, oregano, mint and cilantro (this is the first time I have had it come's thick and I hope it will still be growing throughout the summer when we have peppers and tomatoes growing).

Finally, my moon pictures...once every 18 years the moon is at it's closest to the Earth and Saturday at dusk, when the moon is closest to the horizon) was suppose to be the best view. My pictures were taken around 9-10pm because we had heavy cloud coverage.
It was still a gorgeous view. The second picture is blown up of the first. Hope you all noticed the "Super Moon". I'm sure if you search super moon you will get lots of links in case you missed it, there are tons of picture out there. Here's a neat link for astronomy information.







moon 03 19 11

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