Thursday, March 17, 2011

top o' the morning to ye

st patricks brooch

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! Don't forget to wear green. The picture above is my attempt at a brooch, which I will be proudly wearing tomorrow. I just love holidays!! and maybe like most for me it's about wearing green or getting seriously pinched and drinking green beer. But there is more to it. So I got on the internet and searched...
I found at the meaning of St. Patrick...who, actually was named Maewyn but later changed it to Patrick when he found his calling. He used the three leaf clover (shamrock) to explain the that's how that comes in...Now the four leaf clover is a universal symbol of good luck because it is difficult to find. Each leaf is given a meaning one is for faith, second is hope, third for love and fourth for luck. We celebrate the 17th of March because that's when he died in the year 461. Tradition Lenten prohibitions were raised and drinking was allowed, dancing and eating meat, hence the drinking part...ha! One other thing I learned is Irish Whiskey is spelled with an "e" where Scotch whisky is not...hmmmmm good information. Finally, whiskey in Irish Gaelic means "water of life".
However you celebrate...enjoy!!!

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