Friday, February 18, 2011


L turned 2,'s hard to believe because she is still so tiny!! I thought I would remember everything the kids said and did and I'm finding out that I can barely remember. It takes me talking with everyone else to remember most of the stuff. There are so many memories and with the constant learning that it's hard to remember them all.
L is putting together some sentances but mostly words. She loves, pictures...both looking at and being in them. She has a couple of favorite shows, but Ni ho Ki-lan stands out the most. Our local party supply store did not have it in stock so we went with chinese lanterns and balloons...she loves balloons!!
I have to say, Roger did the shopping, he got the cake, gifts and wrapped them, and grilled burgers for us all. The boys had a great time with the balloons and wishing their sister a happy birthday.
The birthday girl blew out all the candles by herself!!!




This is one of her gifts, Ni ho Ki-lan book, a soccor ball and Dora the Explorer backpack with accessories.
She had a great time!!


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