Wednesday, June 23, 2010

our blooming garden

This is the first bloom in our garden, this beautiful sunflower is at the very top and below you can see more forming. It looks like the sun shining down. The garden is changing quickly that I'm planning a garden update once a week. Can't wait to see the stalk with all those sunflowers on it. It will be amazing! As long as the birds don't eat it all. The tomatoe and jalapeno plants also have blooms, but I'm not counting those, this flower is just so amazingly beautiful I'm just counting it as the first! hehe! So we should be picking peppers and tomatoes soon! I'm planning on sharing my bounty with everyone.
I also forgot to mention, if you have not noticed my new blog banner. How can you not it's so colorful. Nicole from intermsofsheep created this for me. She was so nice to work with I think I scored a bargain. It looks great and it's perfect. This should be my garden blog...haha! If you check out the site I bought this.

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