Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day weekend at the lake

Friday we headed out to the lake and got to spend the night on the boat, first time this year. The boys were so excited since we had not had a chance to go since L was little. The boat ran rough, but it ran enough to get us to a nice area and back. We gave Rog one of his gifts early, swimming trunks. The water level is lower than normal and we anchored the boat away from the beach since we couldn't get it closer. The boys are swimming and it's around waist level on them, which is nice not to worry so much about them when it's deeper.  

L and Fred on the shore. Fred was tired after about an hour since he is 12 he doesn't have much stamina anymore. L took to the water like a fish. It helped that the water was not cold and low and farther out the bottom was soft on our feet. It was fun, Ram said it was the best day ever! They are so easy to please.
Rem said it was pretty darn hot near the edge!

Lunch! hamburgers cheeseburgers and chips! Yummy! Thanks to Rog, Griller Extraordinaire! He can cook some pretty good hamburger.

Rem found a clam with the clam still in it...his pet clam (that's what he said). They combed the beach and found all sorts of stuff which I didn't take a picture of like a dead rotting catfish...stinky! They of course were excited, me and L looked at it from a distance. They also made pots out of clay from the bottom of the lake, but we forgot those on the boat and I didn't take a picture of them...oops! Maybe when we go back...

Rem making the peace sign.

Ram just waving.

L trying to get the stuff off the table...little itty bitty. I used so much sun screen on her since she is so fair I was worried she would burn but she didn't even get pink. I did find tan lines on her on her leg, faint line...who knew! I didn't think she would tan...hehe!

Fred pooped out...haha! Poor ol' man.

Ram fished the night before and caught a small catfish that we threw back. He caught this one Saturday and he wanted to have it for dinner! Unfortunately it slipped out of Rog's hand, slippery little suckers, and it fell into the water. He was trying to hang it by the dock. Rog said he told Ram he was sorry. Ram said he would catch another one, a bigger one. He didn't have any luck after must have caught on...?? I am still amazed at how they have developed their own personalities likes and dislikes. They are so much alike and so opposites. I may start to cry I'm feeling nostalgic...snif snif! I don't know how I'm going to handle girlfriends, graduations, college...ack! Okay, stop! Back to the kids...Ram likes to swim but he likes to fish too. Rem likes to swim all the time! He is a really good swimmer, he taught himself to swim. My tadpoles!

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