Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm finished! I got the quilt done this weekend and it was so much fun making! I'm just sorry the birthday girl is still waiting to get it.

I took the pattern from Quilts and More Magazine it's the one on the cover. Something different for me leaving the ends raw they will unravel a bit as it ages it should look pretty. Even though I have not taken pictures I have been making matching pillowcases with all the quilts I have given. I got a free pattern when I ordered some patterns and right now I can't remember which website...I'll have to add the link later when I remember.

Which reminds me, this weekend was my 40th birthday...WOW! I don't feel 40?!?!?! Anyways...I got to go to the mall and buy makeup as my birthday gift and of course lunch with my family. I also got out in the garden and pulled more grass. I came inside about an hour later and decided to take a nap. I was worn out from the heat. So...happy birthday to me! haha! Monday I found my friends had birthday wishes for me on facebook (which I'm so bad at I rarely get on) but I was warmed by all the wishes...THANK YOU!

This is the pillowcase I'm sending my niece Cristal along with her quilt. The fabric is Odyssea from Moda, it's a cute undersea theme print.


Here's a close up fo the quilt, I used a layer cake so they are 10" squares -er about that with my sewing...hehe! I got the boys to hold it up, they were more interested in the lawn mower...Rog was cutting the grass in the backyard.


Here it is! All finished and it looks sooo much better in person and up close. I hope she loves it!
I took the picture in the evening when I was loosing light, it could have been better. My helpers kept complaining their arms were getting tired...jeez!


Here is L, my other helper, she loves the sewing maching...I'm so happy...hehe! Actually she tries to touch the needle and presses all the buttons, but it's a start!


One last picture...I wanted to share this Oklahoma sunset! There was alot of gold but the camera has it so far away. Check out my sunflowers...they are really starting to bloom!


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