Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday WIP

Since last week I have been working on a work in progress with limited amount of time. I again tried to take on more than I should, no matter...that's how I work...under pressure...haha! I thought I would be able to finish and get it sent off, and I would have, if not for my new sewing machine. You know the one I bragged about so much! Well too many features and I can't seem to get the stitches much for technology. I'm planning on going back to the shop and have them help me as soon as I can. So, since I ran across a snag in my otherwise perfect plan...hehe. Here is a sneak peak at the birthday present I am working on for my nephew Jaime in California. {Again reference the new years resolution...make some kind of acknowledgment for birthdays, especially my much neglected family in Cali.} So here I am so close and so far away from being done. Needless to say this gift will miss the big day, but it will make it there!!! Got myself into trouble too because Ram says he wants one too...haha {that's a delirious laughter}.

This is a moment I want to share, my little girl enjoys planning with airplanes and cars. She was actually rolling the car on the ground making some grrrrr noises. Unfortunately planes and cars is all we have {for now} and since her brothers play with them she wants to as well.

Of course after I snapped the picture she quit playing and started towards me. Don't mistake the cars for a tomboy she is very girl-y!

Rem is sick right now. {no picture he is all bundled up to the top of his head}. We took him to the doctor last week since he complained of an ear ache found out he had an ear infection in both ears. Now he is throwing up and has been sleeping all day. It has actually been quite all evening and I got to use the computer!

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