Wednesday, January 6, 2010

par avion from japan

from japan
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My order from thisandthatfromjapan etsy shop came in today! It came all the way from Japan!! I think that's the farthest I have gotten mail from. Getting the mail has always been exciting for me it's like getting presents, I even like getting the junk mail.
I ordered two books, both written in Japanese, Cotton Time has such good pictures I may be able to make some crafts by just following them. Japanese quilting is so simple it's elegant and they tend to use alot of linen! The other book I have no idea what the about the title, is for making zori's, japanese sandles made from fabric. They look so cute and the color combinations are endless. I had come across someones blog (can't remember the name of the blog and I guess I didn't mark it because it's nowhere in my favorites). Well she had made a pair while in Japan. I have tried to find a site to make a pair but none had them made completely from fabric. I will have to make a couple and try out on my tester friends...hehe! and have them tell me how they hold up after I get done making them. The pictures are great in this book too. I'm thinking they may make great gifts, it will depend how long it's going to take me to make a set. Remember the socks I was knitting??? I had taken those out and restarted about 10 times and I still don't have one done. So I have put that aside for now. Knitting may not be my thing...haha!
I also got cute fabric a linen blend with little red riding hood (it's too cute, don't know what I'm going to do with it yet???). The other fabric has sewing illustrations and words, plan to use it to make me a sewing kit.
Now I just need to clean up the sewing area, it became the catch all since I moved stuff around for the Christmas decorations. Next year need to come up with a better plan.

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