Wednesday, July 9, 2014

yarn along

Not much knitting right now, trying to finish a custom order. I always feel guilty when I work on anything while I'm working on an order. A while back I started reading Bitter in the Mouth and I'm enjoying it. It's a story about a young girl, Linda, who tastes words in her mouth. It caught my eye because I love this photographer's work and she had designed a cover for the new version, yup I judge books by their covers...I checked mine out from the library and they didn't have the prettier cover.
Isn't it pretty!!!!!
photo taken from Amazon
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  1. If you like books about words, you may like this one, which is much lighter reading: Ella Minnow Pea. It is clever and fun, easy and quick to read, but thoughtful, too.

  2. Hi Ranee, thanks for the recommendation. I looked it up and it looks really interesting. Also, I finally said the book's name out loud and started to laugh because I missed it when I just saw I...hahah!

  3. Kari's work is beautiful isn't it :) How are you finding the book?

    1. Hi Annie, the book has caught my curiosity I want to find out more about Linda and read how she interprets words but also about her and her uncles story. I have not gotten very far along, but I intend to sit down and read soon. I really like how easy it feels to read this book so far I like the author's style.
      P.S. I can't wait to purchase one of Kari's prints love the ones with the deer antlers!!!

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