Wednesday, April 16, 2014

yarn along with small things

I'm following Ginny from Small Things blog, she posts weekly about her current book and knitting project, great way to keep my knitting motivated and accountable. Also I love to look at everyone else's stuff. My read is part of a blog book club started by BrittanyThe Paper Garden, it's really interesting, I normally don't read biographies, about Mary Granville Pendarves Delany's life and her art of collage way before it was considered a collage. There are some beautiful pictures and they look like paintings instead of collages. My knitting, a scarf for L, of course in purple her favorite color. The basket weave pattern is actually easy, from creativebug. I will probably use fabric on one side because the yarn maybe too itchy for her.

The rose stencil I'm cutting out to make a project from Alabama Stitch book. I've been looking at inspirationrose, and rooster projects from Alabama Chanin, alot of ohhhh and ahhhhh's and can't wait to make something, probably a t-shirt.

My latest fabric buy from Owl&Drum, it's for my stash. I'm not a cat person but I thought of L and she loved it when I showed them to her. The fabrics in case curiosity strikes, on the right are from Lizzy House Catnip collection. The floral and coral fabrics on the left are Iza Pearl and the green is Heather Bailey. I'm trying to go out of my comfort zone and add a variety.

Happy Wednesday


  1. What a fascinating book that looks to be ... definitely one for my Amazon wishlist :)

    1. Hi Annie, thanks for stopping by love your blog! I'm behind on my reading but it's actually real interesting not a biography fan but I like how the author includes historical references and gives glimpses into the difference in thinking and ideas of the times. If you decide to read I hope you enjoy!

  2. What a fascinating book that looks to be ... definitely one for my Amazon wishlist :)