Monday, April 21, 2014

herb fest #2

Jenks Herb Fest

This is the second weekend at the herb fest for me and the boys. We were there at the crack of dawn when they opened! [-er 8am, early for me on a weekend]. This one was bigger than last weekend and they had great plants too, lots of bougainvilleas. [Which of course I didn't take any pictures of]. We took a break and had some chocolate croissants...mmmmm.
Ram, loves selfies...haha!

I only got two plants, go figure, but I'm saving my pennies for the others shows.  The large plant Clerodendron Thomsonae is a sort of bleeding heart. It will be a house plant because it will not survive in our climate. The other "desert rose" Adenium Obesum, the tree trunk just won me over, [very bonsai looking] and my little new African basket in purple because L would love it. 
After coming home I got inspired to get the garden cleared out, this looks a lot better than it had before. No before shot, it was wayyyy to embarrassing. It was all covered in weeds and grass, still is a little on the right side. Will keep working on it but this will be my before shot... I usually just plant herbs and vegetables but I may add flowers this year. Ram digging a hole in his quest for long as they are out and getting dirty I don't mind the holes.
Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

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