Tuesday, June 5, 2012

on the trail

This weekend we traveled to Yukon, OK to the Chisholm Trial and Crawfish Festival, just west of OKC.
The weather kind of turned cool for a couple of days but it was back to hot Saturday. The shade actually made a difference and we had a good breeze. We had fun watching the Wild Bill Hitchcock show that was actually pretty fun and not hokey. They also reenacted a street gunfight (great job of acting!). It was fun to watch! It was pretty hot in the sun but everyone had fun and we ate some crawdads.

L and the bubbles!


Rem eating alligator...taste like chicken!


Old one room school house.


ohhhh the Saloon! They ran out of sarsaparillas.

This guy was hysterical, he got killed and blew himself up! Yes they had explosives. 

 Two Palomino's and an Arabian. I want a Palomino!

 As we left we got a beautiful moon. I took this one while the car was moving.

I think it was a good history lesson.

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