Thursday, June 7, 2012

ohhh tomatoes!

Last year we didn't get a crop of tomatoes at all, there were flowers but they fell off. I also heard from other gardeners they also had problems with tomatoes in our area. This year I only bought 3 plants, cherry, an heirloom yellow variety and romas. So far they are flowering and I see tomatoes! Maybe I will try canning them...don't hold your breath because I have to start from scratch, absolutely no idea how to start and may end up giving up in the end or eating them all up.

I added sage to my garden, I don't really cook with it but I think its pretty.

Heirloom, will turn into large yellow tomatoes! Yummy

Cherry tomatoes
The south side of my garden
Rem's cabbage
My new addition, sage.

L and her yoyo!!! augh! my plant!

how does your garden grow?

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