Sunday, October 9, 2011

pierced ears

It is so hard to take pictures of a two year old when you really want to take a good one, I think I took about 20 and only about half of those came out decent. We got L's ears pierced today. I have been wanting to do this for awhile but have been waiting for the right time, when she wasn't too tired, hungry, or just plain cranky. The lady at Claire's said they would do them simultaneously since she was little and she expected her to cry even though I told her she doesn't cry when she gets her shots. My little tough girl, did not cry she just gave a gasp in surprise. She seems to be doing ok when I turn her earrings around although she doesn't like me to mess with them too much. I'm surprised that she doesn't mess with them. The boys were excited because she was going to get shot with the guns...haha...boys!
I've had her hair pulled back all day so I can see them, cute!

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