Thursday, April 7, 2011

thursday - lavendar

Day 4 of Spring Colour Week - Lavender

I hardly notice lavender, and having boys  {until miss L came along} it really was out of my color spectrum. So I only have a few pictures of this was difficult for me! and fun at the same time, when I spotted it I was excited!!
Below is the side entrance to the market of the Stonehorse Restaurant. It's really yummy located at Utica Square for those of you that recognize it. It also smelled wonderful...light sent not overpowering. You could smell the wisteria from the end of the street.


Beautiful creeping flox from my front yard that thankfully comes back every year {with absolutely no care on my part} and keeping my fingers crossed that it will start to multiply. It forms a beautiful mound of color when it gets full.

A beautiful wall quilt from the OKC Winter Quilt Show that I had attended this year. I don't recall the designer of the quilt {don't think I wrote any of them down and I didn't even take pictures of the labels, but I can tell you it wasn't made by me.} There was a whole series and the colors were bright and beautiful. I can't stop saying beautiful...haha!


Hope everyone is enjoying all the colors!

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