Monday, April 4, 2011

monday green

I'm playing catch-up today, in a good way! I was reading resurrection fern's blog {as always her pictures are beautiful and inspiring, please check them out!} and she had a link to poppytalk's Spring Colours Week 2011.
It's a whole week of colors.
Monday - green
Tuesday - yellow
Wednesday - pink
Thursday - lavender (maybe a challenge)
Friday - white

Any excuse to use my new camera {my honey of a husband got me...hehe!}. I'm playing catch up on Monday since I am now posting those pictures. For green Monday I decided to post on some of my returning plants.
My pomegranate bush, non-fruit bearing, has tiny little leaves full of reds and greens. Only wish it would actually give fruit I love pomegranates, they stain your clothes but taste great with a bit of salt and lemon juice. There is also a recipe...somewhere in my dad's head that involves grain alcohol, pecans and pomegranates and a few days in the dark...the mixture not me...haha! to make a cocktail drink. I may be missing somethings so don't try it at home...
Also, a surprise for me the Lilly of the valley is getting ready to bloom. This weekend I started to pull all the dead stuff away when the weather was gorgeous and didn't get very far because right before I was weeding and pulling grass from the vegetable garden which I did finish. The smell of Lilly of the valley always reminds me of Florida because of a scented lotion I used on a trip there. Funny how scents bring back memories. Maybe they will bloom in time for Friday white...hehe!
lilly of the valley spring 2011
Everyones pictures are posted on flickr group check out and enjoy the colors of Spring!

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